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Contains 'flash' Photography

You've hopefully landed here by following a link from my main photography website, one of my linked social media sites or from a link sent to you as a participant at an event hosted by one of my clients. Whichever way you have found this, feel free to browse the galleries I can share or take a look at your event gallery to buy, download or order prints.

Unfortunately my nickname is 'flash' but unlike some general purpose photographers, I don't cover weddings or video. I only do corporate, commercial and event photography so you get my best attention. Choose a specialist photographer and let my passions work for you and if what you need is not within my range of specialisms, I’ll happily refer you to another photographer with the expertise you need.

My personal view is that I will not (unless forced to with excessive bribery, payment of loads of money or be asked by someone famous) take 'cheesy' images like those at stuffy, formal weddings or those fake family portraits with shoes off, fathers wearing jeans when they don't own a pair and all against washed out white backgrounds. The subjects need to be relaxed, and comfortable in the environment and situation in which they are being captured.

This may do me out of business but I'd rather do family portraits in the woods, with the dog, or eating around the breakfast table. As for weddings, of course I love a good wedding and have taken some great candid images as the second, candid, photographer.

I am also an accredited Press Photographer with a press card licensed by the Newsmedia Association. I am therefore available for commercial assignments at public and sporting events. Ideal for race and sports teams, equestrian events, motor racing, cycling etc. where photographers with media accreditations are able to access 'track side' locations with unobstructed visual access to the event.

And for the fun bit of photography, take a look at www.studioselfie.co.uk

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